Krg The Don: I Own Over 3000 Acres Of Land in Different parts in Kenya.

The competition for the title of the wealthiest artist in Kenya has intensified, with each celebrity vying to demonstrate their affluence. Some have resorted to flaunting cash and bank statements in an effort to assert their financial superiority. However, Krg The Don staunchly maintains his claim as the richest musician in Kenya.

In a recent interview with Spm Buzz, Krg The Don dismissed the notion that possessions like cars contribute to one’s wealth, considering them liabilities that depreciate over time. According to him, true wealth and richness should be evaluated based on the ownership of fixed assets.

Krg The Don asserts his status as the wealthiest musician in Kenya and East Africa by highlighting his extensive portfolio of fixed assets. He disclosed ownership of over 3,000 acres of land in various parts of Kenya, with ongoing acquisitions of additional parcels. Additionally, the controversial musician asserted ownership of multiple companies and income-generating applications that contribute to his wealth on a daily basis. Krg The Don also delved into his involvement in the real estate business and ownership of several milling industries.

According to The Don, there is no artist in Kenya who can rival his wealth, emphasizing that the only individual he acknowledges as wealthy in Kenya is Khaligraph Jones, considering the rest as being in a different league.