“A matured ex-boyfriend will still take care of you until you find another man” – Lady says

A woman on social media has sparked a discussion among netizens by suggesting that a mature boyfriend should continue providing financial support to his ex-girlfriend even after a breakup until she finds a new partner. This assertion implies that women often view relationships primarily as a means of financial security rather than solely based on love, contrary to common perceptions.

However, some online commenters expressed confusion over why individuals cannot handle breakups with maturity. Porcia Maphundi, in her social media post, asserted that a mature man would comprehend the significance of ongoing financial support for his ex-girlfriend until she finds a new partner willing to take on that responsibility.

The statement, “A matured man will still send his ex money after breaking up with her until she finds a new bf,” has ignited a debate on social media, dividing opinions among both genders.