Mambo Imechemka: Pastor Kanyari meets Gay Tiktoker Chokuu during a live session

Pastor Kanyari made headlines when he encountered Mpenzi Chokuu, a prominent TikToker based in Germany. Chokuu is renowned for his content featuring LGBT themes, particularly his portrayal of gay prostitution in Europe.

During their encounter, Pastor Kanyari engaged Chokuu in conversation, urging him to embrace God and seek salvation. Additionally, the pastor offered to pray for Chokuu’s spiritual transformation.

However, the conversation took an unexpected turn when Chokuu propositioned Pastor Kanyari for a romantic encounter, offering a significant sum of money, equivalent to 2000 Kenyan shillings. Despite expressing initial surprise at the proposed amount, the pastor was reminded by Chokuu of the wealth circulating in their surroundings.