Female Teacher Reveals Reasons Why She Married a Boy She Taught in High School

A female teacher has detailed the reasons behind her acceptance of a marriage proposal from a boy she taught in high school, despite a significant age difference between them.

According to Jeannette, she agreed to marry Hassan Mamba Remy, her former student, and expressed no regrets about the decision, which left the community astonished.

“Yes, what you heard is true; I was a teacher, and my husband was my student. Now we’ve been married for five years,” Jeannette said.

On his part, Remy recounted how he gathered the courage to woo his teacher. He said, “We’ve been married for five years and blessed with two children. My wife was my teacher. She used to come home to help me with extra lessons, meaning we spent a lot of time together. And gradually, I found myself falling in love with her, and in class, I paid less attention to studies because I was thinking about her all the time.”

Despite his teacher leaving him with a 12-year age gap, Remy did not lose heart or concern himself with how society would perceive them.

“As the final exams approached, I decided to confess my feelings to her, telling her how much I loved her and how I struggled to express it because of the age gap. She didn’t say no; she asked for time to think,” he said.

Jeannette, on her part, admitted that the student’s confession of love came as a surprising revelation.

“I noticed in class that he wasn’t focused on his studies. At first, I thought he was joking, and I even responded harshly, feeling he was disrespecting me. But you know, the fate of a person is uncertain; often those we disregard become significant to us. After he insisted on his feelings for me, something changed within me; I found myself loving him and wanting to see him all the time,” the teacher narrated.

Even after falling in love, they faced numerous obstacles from both sides, with Remy’s family members urging him to end the relationship, considering the teacher to be of his mother’s age.

However, their love persisted, and five years later, they proudly celebrate their family with two children.