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Kenyan singer Akothee and her sister, Cebbie Koks, have been embroiled in a long-standing feud that continues to capture public attention.

Akothee recently celebrated her marriage to her Swiss fiancé, Schweizer Omosh, in a grand ceremony. However, what caught the eye was Cebbie’s conspicuous absence from the event, intensifying speculation about their strained relationship.

According to a close source, Akothee did not extend an invitation to Cebbie Koks for the wedding. The source also emphasized that the discord between the two sisters is deeply personal, yet they have managed to keep it from affecting their relationships with other family members.

As a result of their ongoing feud, Akothee chose not to attend Cebbie Koks’ own wedding in the past, although her children did make an appearance at the event.

In response to the media’s speculation following the wedding, Cebbie took to Instagram to mock bloggers who were eagerly anticipating her comments on the ceremony. She wrote, “How blogs be waiting for me to say a word so they can reshape to fit their narrative captioning with ‘Cebbie Koks breaks silence with a cryptic message.'”

The strained relationship between Akothee and Cebbie has seen Akothee accuse her sister of being a leech and a betrayer. Cebbie allegedly told her then-boyfriend that Akothee’s wealth was a facade, particularly for her Instagram followers. She claimed that Akothee couldn’t even afford her children’s school fees and shared disparaging comments about her online.

Akothee later responded, directing her remarks toward unspecified family members, suggesting that their attitude towards her had changed when she stopped providing them with financial support. She expressed her love and respect for her family but mentioned that maintaining a relationship with them required loving them from a distance due to their newfound dependence on her.

In a previous interview, Cebbie claimed to still be on good terms with Akothee, despite being exposed for speaking ill of her to a lover. Akothee, on the other hand, revealed that fame had driven a wedge between them and expressed feelings of abandonment and depression due to their feud.

Despite their ongoing differences, Cebbie expressed her unwavering love and respect for Akothee, likening their bond to that of a mother and daughter. She acknowledged that nothing except death could potentially shake their profound connection.

Akothee, in a previous post, delved into the rift with her sister, lamenting the impact on their once-close relationship. She emphasized that her sister had been her only best friend since childhood, and fame had tragically torn them apart. She made it clear that she had no intention of publicly harming her sister and described her struggles with depression during the feud.

In an open Instagram post, Akothee revealed the isolation she felt when her entire family sided with her sister during their dispute. She stated that this situation had “broken” her but not “killed” her. Akothee explained that her sister’s accusation of pretense had deeply hurt her, leading her to write a heartfelt letter to her sibling, which she sent on December 31, 2021, before blocking her. The loss of her sister as a friend was a painful and challenging experience.

Six months later, the two sisters crossed paths at their brother’s wedding. Despite her brothers urging Akothee to initiate contact, she left the event feeling offended, reflecting the enduring tension in their relationship.