Police officer in Kapenguria on spot for squeezing suspect ‘MJULUS’ in custody

A police officer in West Pokot County faces allegations of assaulting and torturing a man within the confines of Kapenguria Police Station’s cell.

Nelson Mwasame, a 38-year-old father of four and a driver on the Kitale–Kapenguria route, found himself embroiled in an unfortunate incident on March 20, 2024. Starting his day early from his residence in Kipsaina, Trans-Nzoia, Mwasame commenced his routine duties. However, a misunderstanding arose when a passenger, whom he failed to notice due to the loud radio, expressed her desire to disembark at Talau Junction. Unfortunately, she alighted at Tartar Junction Weighbridge, leading to a disagreement between them.

This disagreement escalated when the passenger, feeling aggrieved, refused to pay the full fare and resorted to verbal abuse. Matters took a legal turn when the lady reported the incident to the police upon reaching Kapenguria town. Subsequently, Mwasame was apprehended for allegedly insulting the woman and was held initially at Makutano police post before being transferred to Kapenguria police station later that evening.

During his time at Kapenguria police station, Mwasame alleges that he was subjected to physical assault and torture by a police officer on duty. Despite being held at the booking desk initially, he was later confronted, humiliated, and physically assaulted by the officer before being forced into a cell. The situation escalated when the officer, armed with a baton and liquor, took Mwasame to a dark room where he subjected him to further physical abuse and coercion, including forcing him to consume alcohol and sleep on a wet floor.

As a result of the ordeal, Mwasame sustained severe injuries to his private parts, leg, and abdomen, rendering him unable to walk and in need of urgent medical attention. He was eventually taken to Kapenguria Hospital by the police officers, where he received treatment and was granted bail.

In light of these events, Mwasame and his family are seeking justice for the injustices inflicted upon him. His wife, Rose Nelson, expresses deep distress over her husband’s condition, highlighting their dependence on him as the sole provider for their family, which includes two children in secondary school. They appeal to the Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) to intervene and ensure accountability for the actions of the police officer involved.

Joseph Mwasame, the victim’s brother, condemns the incident as an act of impunity and torture against an innocent citizen. He describes the profound impact it has had on Mwasame’s mobility and overall well-being, emphasizing the urgent need for justice to be served.

While the West Pokot Sub County police commandant, Kipkemoi Kirui, acknowledges the reported incident and assures that investigations are underway, he emphasizes that if the allegations are substantiated, appropriate action will be taken against the responsible officer. Kirui underscores the principle of accountability within law enforcement, asserting that no one is above the law and affirming the commitment to uphold justice and integrity within the police force.