“Hiyo Mapaja Inakaa Terminal Za Battery ya gari”: Dem Wa FB Tells Diaper Man

In a quest for quick fame, Diaper Man found himself in hot water with comedienne Dem Wa Facebook. During an exclusive interview on the Obinna Show Live, Dem Wa Facebook lost her temper and criticized Diaper Man for his publicity stunt of wearing diapers.

Dem Wa Facebook expressed her disapproval of Diaper Man’s decision to film himself requesting an interview while dressed in diapers, calling it a disrespectful act that went against societal norms.

When asked why he chose to wear diapers as his digital content creation identity, Diaper Man explained that he wanted to meet both her and Obinna while also seeking online fame.

In response to his explanation, Dem Wa Facebook harshly criticized him on camera for the negative image he portrayed, which she felt brought shame and embarrassment to his family and friends.

“You’re a grown man, 28 years old, with the mentality of a second-grader. Sitting comfortably in children’s diapers—do you know there are kids out there without diapers? Were you raining on yourself?” she fumed.

“At least Kimbikimbi has a reason. If I told people I was dating you, wouldn’t they be shocked by your legs’ color? They look like battery terminals. You’ll burn out the engine. I’d rather date a banana tree,” Dem Wa Facebook continued.

She further suggested that Diaper Man could have sought fame through other means, considering he has a family to think about.

“There are many ways to create content. You could have tried farming and encouraged people to follow and like your online content,” she added.