Harmonize Introduces New Girlfriend with Big NYASH, Poshy Queen

Tanzanian sensation Harmonize has once again found love, introducing his new flame, Poshy Queen, to the world through social media. The renowned ‘Single Again’ Hitmaker showered accolades on his newfound love, disclosing that their connection dates back to 2017.

Expressing the depth of his affection, Harmonize went on to declare that he would not only willingly donate blood to Poshy Queen but would also extend the gesture of offering her a kidney if ever the need arose. Additionally, he shared his plans to feature Poshy Queen in one of his upcoming music videos and hinted at marriage in their future.

Poshy Queen reciprocated the love, referring to Harmonize as her Adam, a symbol of their deep emotional connection.

This revelation has caught fans by surprise, considering that just last year, Harmonize introduced his then-girlfriend Laika from Uganda. In a social media post, Harmonize disclosed that they decided to solidify their bond by getting matching tattoos, opting for subtle music-themed designs on their necks.

Harmonize’s romantic escapades continue to capture headlines, leaving fans intrigued and eager to discover if he has finally found his soulmate.