“Kimeturamba, My Boyfriend Alitupiga mechi safi na Akapea mimi na My 2Friends Ukimwi” A 19 Years Old Girl Confesses.

The prevalence of immorality in Kenya, particularly in Nairobi, is dishearteningly high. What’s even more concerning is that young individuals aged between 18 and 25 years are contributing significantly to their own downfall. Among this demographic, university students, in particular, are succumbing to the negative influences of drugs and alcohol, paving the way for a surge in immoral behavior.

Recently, a 19 to 23-year-old young woman shared a disturbing account online, shedding light on a regrettable incident involving her Nigerian boyfriend. She chose to keep her identity concealed as she narrated the story of how her life, along with those of her two close friends, took a devastating turn due to HIV and AIDS.

According to the young woman, the unfortunate sequence of events began during a night out clubbing, where she encountered a charismatic Nigerian man. His affluence and generous gestures, such as buying drinks and treating them well, won her over, leading to subsequent meetings and the blossoming of a romantic relationship.

As the couple delved into an unprotected physical relationship, the young woman began experiencing alarming symptoms. A visit to the hospital confirmed her fears – she was now HIV positive, with the realization that her boyfriend was the source of the infection. Despite this revelation, fueled by love and the material support he provided, she opted to persist in the relationship.

Later, she discovered that her two closest friends were also involved with the same man, engaging in secret liaisons. Recognizing the absence of safe practices, she assumed they too had contracted the virus. The girl now finds herself in a moral quandary, torn between revealing the truth to her friends or choosing to remain silent. For her, acceptance of her condition has solidified her commitment to staying with her boyfriend, regardless of the consequences.