Nairobi Man Tries to Save Neighbour’s Wife, Gets Beaten Too

Nairobi Man Tries to Save Neighbour’s Wife, Gets Beaten Too

Four men have been charged at the Kibera Law courts for attacking a man who attempted to prevent his neighbor from beating his(neighbour’s) wife.

Caleb Chimwani from Kabete, Nairobi told police his neighbor and his allys beat him up on October 24 for attempting to protect his neighbor’s better half, who was shouting for help.

The court heard that Caleb raced to the scene and saw his neighbor beating his wife while two different men sat and watched.

At the point when Caleb attempted to intercede, the men roughed him up; one of the men then, at that point, went upstairs and called more people who were having a merry go round meeting.

The obscure number of people also joined in assaulting Caleb, leaving him with wounds to the ribs and the head.

A source who saw the bedlam alerted the police who visited the scene and figured out how to arrest the four charged people as the rest ran away from the area.

The four: Brian Kennedy Otieno, Kelvin Ramis, James Wakalaga and Frank Mwalia, showed up before Kibera occupant justice William Tulei.

The court heard that the accused people along with others not before the watchful eye of the court “attacked Caleb causing him wounds on October 24 at a private home in Kangemi region in Westlands consequently harming him”.

They denied the charges and were released on a bond of Sh10,000 each and an alternative money bail of Sh30,000.

The case was set for notice on November 8.