Ugly Houses Built by Kikuyu Landlords.. Kikuyu Gothic Architecture-Hilarious

Ugly Houses Built by Kikuyu Landlords.. Kikuyu Gothic Architecture-Hilarious

By rough approximations, most flats in Nairobi are owned by Kikuyu landlords. They were quick to get into real estate, albeit the Somalis have now taken over in certain estates.

It has been a running joke for quite some time online, how ugly the houses they construct are.

Indeed, they are doing a good job providing housing to Nairobians, however they leaving blemishes behind.

It has become so terrible that the term ‘Kikuyu Gothic Architecture’ is been tossed around more often.

So what are the elements of these house?

First is the tiny rooms. In a journey to maximize profits, numerous Kikuyu landlords will give you barely sufficient space to say you live indoors. This extends everywhere from the sittingroom, to the little kitchen and washroom.

Another standard element among Kikuyu landlords is the cerebral pain inducing choice of tiles. This is likely the main example they educate in Kikuyu design schools. You need to choose 5 diverse tile plans, with no flow at all.

Having old fashioned plain tiles with nonpartisan tones is going too far in the Kikuyu Gothic hypothesis.

You will likewise find walls painted in all shades of the rainbow, rather than one standard colour across all rooms. Once in a while, you will find things set in some unacceptable spots. Like a sink in the lounge room, or a toilet bowl in the kitchen.

And let’s not talk about the mini skyscrapers that have extremely narrow stairways and no lifts.