Kakamega thieves arrested after selling stolen laptop to DCI detectives investigating same incident

There was drama in Chavakali market when thieves were arrested attempting to sell a stolen laptop and other pricey goods to policemen.

Unbeknownst to the thugs, the people they thought were potential customers for a quick sale were police detectives assigned to the case.

The thieves had raided a house in Milimani Kakamega and stole an Apple laptop, a 65-inch TV, and some musical instruments.

The owner of the home was away in Tanzania for a work-related function, but came back two days after the break-in. 

Nancy Namukhula reported the case to the police. Coincidentally, when the detectives were travelling to Kisumu in a public vehicle, they landed in the same matatu with the thieves, who were looking for a market for their stolen merchandise. 

“Niko na comp ya Apple moto, I want to sell it, na TV pia, let us meet tuongee bei vizuri,’ one of the thieves spoke on the phone to another party.

Just jokingly and without any background information, one of the cops, who happened to be looking to buy a laptop, got interested in the deal. 

They exchanged numbers. The journey continued, and everyone went their way. The following day they met at a house in Chavakali for the deal. 

But the detective noticed something strange, the house the man came from was unkempt and had a lot of electronic goods. The man produced the laptop as his accomplice waited behind him. 

The officers realized the laptop matched the description of what Namukhula had reported. And as if destiny had aligned the thieves to their 40th day, they also hinted they had a nice TV to sell.

They produced the same TV and the detectives knew they had closed the case by nabbing the thieves. They did not, however, cause a fuss, they paid for the goods and left, but an hour later, they struck after calling for backup and the four thieves were arrested after a little exchange of fire. 

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