Shock as First Wife Pours Boiling Water on the Second Wife at Their Father-in-Law’s Funeral -

Shock as First Wife Pours Boiling Water on the Second Wife at Their Father-in-Law’s Funeral

From the Tanzanian island of Kome in the Sengerema district, an unsettling incident unfolded where one woman reportedly assaulted another by dousing her body with scalding water.

As reported by the Mwananchi newspaper of the country, Vumilia Kasomelo, who holds the position of the first wife, has admitted to perpetrating this act against her fellow wife, attributing jealousy as the underlying motivation.

The occurrence took place during the nighttime while people were gathered for a vigil at the funeral of their father-in-law.

Kasomelo revealed that her actions were fueled by jealousy after her co-wife attended the funeral of their father-in-law. The catch was that the father-in-law had not been formally introduced to the co-wife by her husband; rather, she had only heard speculations from others.

She recounted, “My anger grew as people pointed out her status as my co-wife, which led me to the decision of pouring boiling water on her.”

“My husband had not officially introduced her to me as his other wife. I had merely heard rumors about her from various sources. Even during the funeral, people kept emphasizing that she was my co-wife,” elaborated the mother of six.

The younger wife, identified as Mariamu Paul, explained that she had traveled from her village of Bukokwa to attend the funeral of her father-in-law in the village of Lugata. Following the burial at approximately two in the morning, she retired to sleep, only to be suddenly attacked by her co-wife, who poured boiling water on her before hastily fleeing the scene.

Perplexed by the attack, Mariamu stated, “I’m unsure of the reason behind her actions in scalding me with boiling water. We each have our own places. Our paths crossed at the funeral, where we came together to pay our respects to our father-in-law, and it was there that she subjected me to this ordeal.”

Mariamu, who shares three children with the same man, conveyed her confusion and distress over the incident.