Boda Boda Rider Builds a Beautiful House in His Rural Home, After Saving 1K Daily

Joseph Munyoki has garnered widespread admiration from Kenyans on social media after he shared captivating photographs of his exquisite house in a Facebook group. The dedicated boda boda rider has received an outpouring of praise for his hard work and determination.

According to Joseph, his journey towards building the house began in 2019 when he committed to saving KSh 1,000 each day. His goal was to accumulate enough funds to turn his dream into reality.

“After diligently saving KSh 1,000 daily since 2019, I finally managed to amass the necessary finances to construct my house,” he joyfully expressed.

Munyoki commenced the construction process in September 2021, and after months of hard work and perseverance, the house is now complete and ready for occupancy.

Nevertheless, Joseph acknowledges that the construction journey was not without its challenges. He encountered difficulties due to water scarcity, particularly given his origins in the Ukambani region.

“Hailing from the Ukambani region, sourcing water for the construction proved to be quite arduous. I had to transport it from a distance of over 30 kilometers to the construction site,” he revealed.

The total cost of building the house amounted to approximately KSh 470,000. In light of his experience, Munyoki offers advice to aspiring homeowners, emphasizing the importance of meticulous planning.

“It is indeed possible to achieve your housing aspirations. Begin by obtaining accurate estimates and quotations for your desired house, and then devise a well-structured plan. Set realistic timelines to guide you throughout the construction process,” he advises.

Regarding his boda boda business, Munyoki openly acknowledges that his earnings have suffered a decline due to increased competition resulting from the influx of people entering the online boda boda industry during the pandemic.

“Numerous individuals lost their jobs during the pandemic and subsequently turned to online boda boda services. This surge in providers flooded the market. While I used to cater to around ten clients daily, that number has dwindled to five or even three on less favorable days,” he shared.

On a positive note, Munyoki reveals that on a good day, he manages to earn KSh 3,000 before accounting for expenses.

Unsurprisingly, the remarkable story of Joseph Munyoki and his achievements has generated a range of reactions from social media users. One netizen commended his efforts, stating, “Wow! Great job. Every significant accomplishment begins with the first step.” Another individual added, “Well done! Success is a result of careful planning and execution.”