Meet Muigui wa Kamaki, man behind Kamaki’s nyama choma zone he started bar with 1 crate of beer
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“I Started Kamaki’s with 1 crate of beer” – Meet Muigui wa Kamaki, Man behind Kamaki’s nyama choma zone

Muigui wa Kamaki purchased a land along the Eastern bypass in 2009 when it was as yet bushy and nobody could ever dream of living there.

He set up a small bar that resembled a kiosk and started it off with a create of Tusker liquor and two crates of soda.

The 70-year-old named the bar Kamaki’s and this turned into the modern day kamaki’s choma zone, Famous for tasty fresh nyama choma.

For revelers in Nairobi and its surroundings, Kamaki’s along the Eastern detour is the place for a leisure weekend be it with family or your mpango wa kando(its just that place)

Here, gorging and eating some nyama choma is the thing of the day, done and in spirit of togetherness.

How the spot came about is a fascinating journey of a man whose house was demolished when the road was taking shape 11yrs ago.

Murigi wa Kamaki set the first business there when land was affordable and now a decade on, the place is pricey and bursting with all kinds of businesses ranging from high-end pubs, major supermarkets, car dealers, residential flats, hardware’s and posh homes.

In 2009 when the place was as still bushy, Kamaki established a small bar that resembled a kiosk and started his journey as a business man with one create of beer and another two of soda.

The 70-year-old named the bar “Kamaki’s” after his dad and this turned into the name of the famous place despite the fact that the initial bar, after it was modernized, has been surpassed by more dazzling joints. “I started with three crates.

Two of soda and one for Tusker. I just decided to give it a try and with time it became popular as those working on the road and others coming to buy plots stopped by my pub,” Kamaki said.

He claims he is currently a happy man that his move has created jobs and growth of the area.

He said; “My house sat on the road but I didn’t know that. It was partially demolished but I decided to knock it down completely”.

At the point when he was settling there, plots were going for KSh 200, 000, to a point rose where they rose to KSh 300, 000, KSh 500,000 and as we write this getting a plot at kamakis area on the eastern bypass will definitely cost you a fortune sorry to say.