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Tribes With Most Beautiful Women in Kenya, Top 10 List

The dispute over the tribes with most beautiful women in Kenya has been a persistent online trend over the years, with each tribe exhibiting their unique qualities in competition for the crown.

Some may ask, which tribe is best to marry in Kenya? Which tribe is beautiful? Which tribe is the brightest in Kenya? Who are the most beautiful ladies in Kenya?

In this article, we will take a look at the tribe with most beautiful women in Kenya. 

Ladies from the most beautiful tribes have the best combination of grace, skill, and knowledge. They have stunning skin, beautiful hair, and personality traits that leave Kenya awestruck.

Furthermore, their self-assurance and steadfast personality have inspired women across the country to love themselves unconditionally. So, let’s look at tribes with most beautiful women in Kenya. 

List of the Tribes with most beautiful women in Kenya 


Tribes with most beautiful women in Kenya

Taita ladies are undoubtedly among the tribes with most beautiful women in Kenya . According to one famous say , “Taita women are extremely beautiful; there’s never been so many beauties in one place like Taita.” It’s perhaps the only market where you can locate all the ‘mama mboga’ looking incredibly gorgeous and qualified for a date.”


Kikuyu women are very gorgeous and this definitely makes them appear in the list of tribes with most beautiful women in Kenya. Their skin is perfect, their smile contagious, and. In general, 9 out of 10 Kikuyu ladies are stunning, which is why men will go to any length to be in a relationship with them.

Image 8625

Some famous beautiful Kikuyu women include former first daughter Ngina Kenyatta, Nairobi woman representative Esther Passaris and Sabina Chege just to name a few. 

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Most Kenyan tribes covet Kamba ladies’ innate attractiveness and lovely body shapes. Betty Kyallo and Lilian Muli, pioneering Kenyan television stars, are two excellent ladies who have received enormous appreciation through their beauty hence qualifying to tribes with most beautiful women in Kenya.

Tribes with most beautiful women in Kenya

Other beautiful Kamba ladies include actor Sarah Hassan, singer Kambua among other celebrities proving that they are among tribes with the most beautiful in Kenya. 


Maasai women are extremely gorgeous despite them maintaining their cultural activities up to date. 

Their outfit is one of their distinguishing features and have their distinctive crimson shuka, which has become synonymous with them for quite some time. When identifying a Maasai, look for the shuka slung about their shoulders. They stroll around in it so boldly that you almost want to be them.

Tribes with most beautiful women in Kenya

Aside from their shukas, they have lovely decorations that are admired and liked by all. They are adored and worn not only by Kenyans and Tanzanians where they reside but across the world. 

One Example of a beautiful Maasai lady is singer Sanaipei Tande


The culture of Luo women is rich and multifaceted, reflecting their history, surroundings, and social connections making them among tribes with most beautiful women in Kenya. They live lives that are both traditional and modern, and they are noted for their perseverance, intelligence, beauty, and confidence. An Example of beautiful luo ladies include Tanasha DonnaLupita Nyong’o and TV presenter Joyce Omondi among others. 

Tribes with most beautiful women in Kenya


Kisii women are well known for their attractive physical characteristics and extreme beauty.

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Kisii Ladies are also noted for their strong sense of culture and tradition, which has been passed down through generations. Some of  famous Kisii ladies include Corazon Kwamboka, Sheila Kwamboka among others hence proving the fact they are among the tribes with most beautiful women in Kenya. 


Also the Kalenjin which entails several sub tribes is one of the tribes with the most beautiful women in Kenya.

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The passion that Kalenjin ladies exhibit is real, raw, and authentic which is admirable to any man. 

An example of beautiful Kalenjin women include singer Nikita Kering, first lady Rachel Ruto, her daughter Charlene Ruto and athlete Mercy Cherono among others.

Meru/ Embu

Tribes with most beautiful women in Kenya

Are you curious to know more about Meru Ladies’ characteristics? Let us state unequivocally that Meru ladies, like the other females on the list, are known for their distinct beauty, culture, and traditions. 

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NRG Radio host Mwalimu Rachel, an Embu lady: PHOTO COURTESY / Facebook

Meru Ladies are diligent, confident, and intellectual ladies with a distinct charm that sets them apart from other Kenyan women. Some of the most popular Meru ladies include Dj Pierrra Makena and Mwalimu Rachel


Tribes with most beautiful women in Kenya

Luhya land is well known for producing some of the most beautiful and very attractive women  Kenya. 

Some of these luhya ladies are in our public domain as celebrities and they include socialite Vera Sidika, Azziad Nasenya among others. 


Somali women are praised for their beauty all around the world. Apart from Kenya, the Somali women have been on various lists of the world’s Most gorgeous women hence earning a spot in the tribes with most beautiful women in Kenya. TV personality Amina Rabar Abdi is just an example of the Somali women in Kenya.

Tribes with most beautiful women in Kenya