Gown Inakaa Second Hand… Mixed Reactions On Manzi Wa Kibera’s Wedding

Controversial Kibera influencer, Manzi wa Kibera, is once again in the spotlight just days after hinting at reconciling with her ex-partner.

Over the weekend, Manzi wa Kibera shared a video showcasing her having a good time with her 66-year-old boyfriend, now husband, raising questions about the status of their relationship.

Later, she posted a picture of herself and her partner that seemed to depict a wedding ceremony.

This move prompted mixed reactions from her fans. Some expressed surprise at the lack of wedding invitations, as Manzi Wa Kibera only shared a picture of herself, her husband, and the wedding officiant.

Critics took the opportunity to mock various aspects of her wedding, from the appearance of her gown to potential curses.

Some of the comments included:

“Is that gown second-hand?”

“Haha, this curse will haunt you to your ears.”

“Well done with your vegetable guy 👏.”

However, there were fans who were relieved that her attention-seeking actions had seemingly come to an end.

“It doesn’t matter how many stunts you pull, the industry rejected you anyway.”

“We are used to your clout chasing.”

Despite the trolling, there were still some followers who expressed joy that Manzi wa Kibera was happy.

However, her statements about the state of her relationship have left her fans confused due to inconsistencies.

“I feel like I’m going to break up with my partner because these trolls and negative energy have become overwhelming. Everyone who opposes our love is throwing insults left, right, and center, even people I know. Honestly, I want to pull out of this relationship because it’s not doing me any good. If I’m loved by you but you still come to oppose me, then let me be how I usually am,” Manzi wa Kibera said in a TikTok video when she announced her breakup.

Manzi wa Kibera has now edited some comments about her wedding and disabled the comment feature on one of her posts.