” Chira Akilewa Huwa Anaanza Kunishika Akiniita Babe” Cute Bodaboda Rider Tizian reveals. -

” Chira Akilewa Huwa Anaanza Kunishika Akiniita Babe” Cute Bodaboda Rider Tizian reveals.

In recent times, numerous rumors have surfaced online regarding the relationship between two popular figures from Nakuru, King Tizian and Brian Chira. Allegations from various sources have suggested that their close bond goes beyond friendship, with some individuals on TikTok even claiming that they are dating.

In an effort to put an end to these speculations, both Brian Chira and King Tizian decided to open up about their relationship in an interview with an online media outlet.

King Tizian was the first to address the rumors and firmly denied being gay, as some have assumed. He clarified that he identifies as straight and emphasized that his connection with Chira is that of very close friends. Tizian explained that the misconception about their relationship possibly stems from the fact that they share a deep bond, which some may interpret as being LGBTQ-related.

Tizian went on to explain that one of the reasons people might think they are dating is due to Brian Chira’s behavior when he is intoxicated. According to Tizian, Chira tends to become affectionate and uses terms of endearment like “babe.” This behavior has inadvertently fueled the dating rumors.

However, Tizian clarified that while Chira is his best friend, he has made certain decisions to protect his own personal brand. As a result, he has opted not to engage in certain activities with Chira, such as live matches on TikTok, to avoid any misinterpretation of their relationship.

In contrast, Brian Chira, known for his outspoken nature, straightforwardly stated that he and King Tizian are not dating. They share a genuine and strong friendship, and they are there for each other in times of need. Chira expressed gratitude for Tizian’s support and revealed that he is the one person who truly understands his struggles. Their bond is purely that of good friends, and Chira urged people not to read too much into their interactions.

In conclusion, both King Tizian and Brian Chira have categorically denied the dating rumors that have circulated online. They want to emphasize that they are close friends who deeply care for each other, and any misinterpretation should be set aside. It is essential to respect their statement and understand the true nature of their relationship – a strong and meaningful friendship.