Socialite Vera Sidika Opens up on getting back with Brown Mauzo

Kenyan socialite, actress, and brand influencer Vera Sidika recently addressed speculation about reconciling with her ex-boyfriend, Brown Mauzo, in response to a query from a fan on her Instagram Stories. Sidika made it clear that such a reunion was not on the cards for her, responding with a firm “Ooh, Babe, that would never happen. Respectfully.”

Additionally, Sidika mentioned that she currently has a boyfriend but clarified that she isn’t in a serious relationship, stating, “Nigerian, but I’m not in a serious relationship. Just having fun, y’all.”

The breakup between Sidika and Mauzo occurred in August 2023, as announced by Mauzo himself, although they opted not to disclose the specific reasons behind their decision. In a statement shared by Mauzo at the time, they expressed gratitude for the support received from their fans and asked for privacy as they navigated this new chapter in their lives.