My sister snatched my husband and chased me from my marriage

My name is Elizabeth, and I am the first born in a family of four. I was also married to my husband for 13 years where we had three children. One day, I got a job at a company in Nairobi and since it was a demanding job, I decided to call my 22-year old sister and ask her for help in cooking for my children.

My sister, Janet, was a college leaver who had not yet gotten a job and so since I knew she was free, I knew she would be in the best position to take care of my children. portrait of black crying desperate woman - black woman stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Janet came to live with me and I would leave early in the morning and return late into the night and I was peaceful at work since I would find my children fine and well taken of. She was also getting along with my husband and this too was a plus for me.

However, a month after her arrival into my house, my husband started growing cold towards me and most of the time, he would compare me with my younger sister and tell me she is more beautiful and youthful than I was. This graduated very fast to even insulting me in front of my children and Janet.

I would go to work stressed, wondering why my husband did not love me anymore. I tried finding out what was problem but I could not. My sister also on the other hand began being disobedient to me and she would roll her eyes whenever I spoke to her.

One day, I went home earlier than usual and I was so shocked to find my bedroom door closed where my sister and husband had locked themselves in and when they heard me, they opened the door and they both chased me out of my home.

They threw my clothes at me and my sister told me she was the new wife of my husband. I remember my children crying when they saw me being mistreated by the duo. I took some of the clothes and left, distressed and stressed than ever. business woman holding smartphone and looking away outdoors - black woman stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

I went to my best friend’s house to spend the evening where she felt so bad that my sister had stolen my husband and joined him to chase me away. After we had dinner that night. She told me not to give up on my marriage but fight till the end.

After asking her how I could fight, she told me about Doctor Mugwenu who had helped her save her marriage. She told me the doctor, who is a traditional herbalist is able to get one’s lover back and I immediately wanted to meet him.

We called him the following morning and we immediately made an appointment later that day. He casted some spells to bring my husband back after listening to my predicament after which he even told me he would not have eyes for any woman but me.

On coming back to my best friend’s house after seeing Doctor Mugwenu, my phone began to ring incessantly as my husband kept calling and sending messages asking for forgiveness. I did not answer him that night since I wanted him to learn his lesson.

The next morning, I did not understand how he had traced my hideout since we found him on the door knocking, crying saying he desperately needed me back. He told me he had chased away my sister since I was the only woman he wanted. From then onwards, we have been living happily.

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