“Vijana wanapiga sherehe sana” – Jalango fires his staff for ‘joking’ with work

A new approach has been implemented to revitalize the well-known Jalang’o TV station, which had remained non-operational due to the excessive joking of its sole employee.

Jalang’o, who assumed responsibility for the situation, stated that he had to terminate the previous employee in order to make room for more responsible individuals.

“We had some young people who were partying excessively. They started playing around with the channel, which is supposed to generate income to sustain us.”

Jalang’o acknowledged that the channel was not generating the expected revenue, saying, “It’s disheartening to see a channel that used to make millions now struggling. We need to turn things around.”

In an effort to bring about positive change, Jalang’o has hired a new team and announced to his online TV viewers that they should anticipate exciting developments.

However, one of the main challenges they face is reaching a consensus on the issue of salary distribution.

“I can’t pay you more than what the business is earning. It’s important that any venture only compensates you based on the value you bring. It’s called Return on Investment (ROI), and that’s where the problem lies. They have refused my offer. I’ve told them we’ll split the earnings 50-50. So, if you make ten shillings, I’ll take five and you’ll each receive the remaining five.”

Jalang’o attempted to motivate them by revealing that the channel has the potential to generate one million shillings per month.

“Just keep in mind that the math is simple because when YouTube pays, you send me my share, and you keep yours.”

“As you all know, I’m an honest person. I don’t lie. I’m straightforward and correct. So, you guys need to tell me if the salary is acceptable. After all, I’m the owner of the channel.”

Jalang’o emphasized that, even during the channel’s inactive period, they were not making any money. He urged his team to put in the effort to generate their own income, without expecting him to cover their expenses from his own pocket.

“Are you all ready to split the earnings 50-50?” he demanded from the three employees.

He proposed to pay them a smaller amount for the first month, with a promise to reassess as the channel grows. He asked, “How much do you want to receive during the first month?”

They suggested one million shillings. Jalang’o responded, “Money is a problem, but I’ll consider that. I just wanted to introduce this idea.”