2 siblings who killed their brother before fleeing to DRC arrested after returning to bribe the investigative officer

In the West Nile Region of Northern Uganda, the police have apprehended two individuals who sought to bribe an officer to secure the release of a murder suspect.

The two culprits, identified as Ajikia Annet, aged 28, and Nyakuta Brian, aged 22, both hailing from Arua District, committed the offense on April 14, 2024, at approximately 4:30 pm.

Initial investigations indicate that Ajikia, Nyakuta, along with accomplices, including Onzima Innocent and clan members, were involved in the murder of their relative, Arijule Alido, on December 17, 2023. Following the murder, they proceeded to burn down his belongings, demolish his residence, and dispose of his body in a pit latrine, according to Fred Enanga, the Uganda Police Spokesperson.

After perpetrating the crime, the suspects fled to the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo. However, upon learning of the transfer of Maloba Moses, the officer from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) handling the case, they returned from hiding.

Utilizing funds gathered from various sources, amounting to Ugx 2 million, the suspects endeavored to secure the release of the prime suspect, Onzima Innocent, who had been apprehended on April 12, 2024. They attempted to bribe the new OC CID, D/ASP Kalinaki Japhar, as detailed in a police report filed at Arua Vuira Central Police Station.

Fred Enanga emphasized that attempting to bribe a police officer to obstruct justice is a punishable offense and should be avoided. Instead, individuals facing charges should seek legal counsel to defend their rights.

Enanga commended Officer Kalinaki for his integrity in rejecting the bribe. He highlighted the importance of police officers upholding honesty and integrity in their service to the public, emphasizing that such individuals exemplify the true character of law enforcement.