“You are amazing in bed, I can’t believe my son enjoys this forbidden fruit alone,”: I busted my wife sleeping with my step-dad

Ever since I was born, I have not known another father besides my step-dad who was a very wealthy and influential man. My mom had gotten married to him when I was three years old and one thing I knew about him was that he would occasionally cheat on my mother and have sex with young women.

Last Christmas, my wife and I went to celebrate the festivities with him and my mother. Our extended family members had also come so that we could all celebrate Christmas together. As soon as we went, my mother called my wife to help her in preparation of food in the kitchen. video thumbnail

I, on the other hand, joined my step-father and cousins to help in slaughtering the cow that we were to cook. At around 5pm, we all supposed to gather and tell each other merry Christmas but my father was nowhere to be found and also my wife.

I tried calling my wife on her phone but she was not picking. I went upstairs to check if she was napping. What I found that day was absolutely crazy and I have never been able to take that picture out of my mind.

In my mom’s and step-father’s bedroom, I heard sexual moans coming out but then I remembered I had left my mom downstairs so I wondered who my father was having sex with. On listening at the door, I almost got a heart attack after I realized that it was my wife having sex with my stepdad.

“You are so amazing in bed. I can’t believe my son enjoys this sweet forbidden fruit alone,” I heard my stepdad say. He continued fucking her as tears rolled down my cheeks. I then remembered of Doctor Mugwenu whom I had heard about. He would teach cheating partners a lesson by sticking them together.

I ordered an instant spell after calling him on phone and he immediately cast it and in less than two minutes, they both started screaming and saying that they were stuck. That’s when I opened the door and I confronted them. My other family members also came upstairs to see them and everybody was disappointed in them. video thumbnail

They were later unstuck and they were all given a beating for misbehaving.

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