Reactions as preacher Monicah Nyambura gets married for the 3rd time

The esteemed prophetess, Monicah Nyambura, from Prophetic City Church Kasarani, has once again captured widespread attention. This time, however, it’s not for her prophetic insights but for revelations about her personal life.

Monicah Nyambura recently shared her wedding photos on social media, accompanied by a poignant caption: “GOD OF MANY CHANCES.”

This announcement marks Monicah Nyambura’s third marriage, a fact that has intrigued her followers and the public alike.

She has chosen to keep her partner’s identity undisclosed, adding to the speculation surrounding her personal life.

In a previous interview with The Nairobian, Monicah shed light on her journey leading up to this moment.

Her first marriage ended in separation in 2007, just a year after the birth of their first child. Reflecting on this period, Monicah admitted, “I was naive and entered marriage due to family pressure and life’s challenges.”

However, love found her again in 2018 when she married Samuel Kariuki, the father of her second son, Wisdom Jabari. Their courtship lasted a brief six months before they exchanged vows.

Over the next two years, Monicah shared snippets of her life with Samuel on social media, particularly during her pregnancy. However, around September 2020, she stopped posting about her husband and removed her wedding ring, signaling a change in their relationship.

When asked about her marriage and subsequent separation, Monicah chose to steer the conversation towards divorce. “Divorce is undesirable, and even God disapproves of it,” she emphasized, “but one should not sacrifice their life in the name of marriage or a spouse.”

Monicah’s revelation has elicited various responses from her followers on social media, with many extending congratulations and expressing their own desires for love and marriage.

Here are some reactions from her followers:

@kambuamuziki: “You look stunning!! Congratulations, dear.”
@marymeyer21: “Wait, did you say you’ll keep marrying until it’s clear?!”
@i_am_muthoni_joy: “I claim the grace of marriage again in Jesus’ name.”
@kahmie_jose: “Well, with money, people tend to divorce and remarry. Life is challenging! Anyway, congratulations and enjoy life.”
@bles.sedfavoured: “Congratulations, woman of God, we’re on this journey too.”
@marriewills: “I receive this anointing, prophetess. This is my year.”
@roseline_shoo: “Pastor, please enlighten us on how to marry every year.”
@paulinekibwana8: “Glory to God! I’m eager to hear the testimony.”
@nancymande: “The Lord has finally done it! Congratulations, you look stunning.”