Samidoh Admits He Feared Women Before Meeting Karen Nyamu And His Wife

During an interview, Samidoh openly acknowledged the fortunate circumstances that led him to find a wife, considering his upbringing in a family without any sisters. He emphasized that even uttering a simple greeting like “hello” proved to be a daunting task for him.

“Growing up without any sisters, approaching a girl was a formidable challenge for me. I struggled to even initiate a conversation with a girl. However, when I encountered her in high school and managed to say hello, it seemed like she was equally interested.”

Samidoh fondly referred to his wife, whom he met during his high school years, as a “good girl” because he won her over with a humble offering of snacks on their first date.

“I simply bought her some snacks, and that was all it took.”

The renowned Mugithi singer also shared one of his most embarrassing moments, confessing to consuming a queen cake with its packaging intact. Additionally, he revealed his apprehension about using the restroom during his initial experience on a flight.

“Another embarrassing moment occurred when I mistakenly consumed a queen cake without removing its cover. Moreover, on my first flight, I had an irrational fear of using the restroom. I was afraid I might accidentally open the exit door. Consequently, I refrained from using the restroom for the entire five-hour duration of the flight.”

When it came to receiving attention from women, Samidoh admitted that many women, often referred to as “mafisi ladies,” would direct messages to him. However, he emphasized that he effectively managed these situations to avoid any scandals.

“I receive numerous direct messages from women, but I have learned how to handle them. It’s important to recognize that there are fans, but always remember that you have a family. Additionally, I cannot disregard my fans because they provide us with support and sustenance,” he stated.