“My Ex is not even my type anymore”: Pritty Vishy throws fresh shade at Ex, Stevo Simple Boy

Kenyan content creator Pritty Vishy recently posted a cryptic message on Instagram, seemingly aimed at her ex-boyfriend, Stevo Simple Boy. The post read, “You still obsessed with your ex? Mine is not even my type anymore.” This comes amidst ongoing public interest in their past relationship and Stevo’s current marital issues.

Pritty Vishy, whose real name is Purity Vishenwa, has been vocal about Stevo Simple Boy and his rocky relationship with his wife, Grace Atieno. The couple’s troubles have been a hot topic recently, especially after rumors emerged that Grace was pregnant by another man. Pritty hinted that she was aware of deeper issues in Stevo’s marriage, suggesting that the situation was “worse than what the public perceives.”

This is not the first time Pritty has spoken out about Stevo. In previous interviews and social media posts, she has accused him of cheating on her with Grace, whom she claims pursued Stevo for financial reasons. Pritty also criticized Stevo’s management, alleging financial mismanagement that has contributed to his current financial problems.

Reactions to Pritty’s comments have been mixed. Some fans support her candidness, while others think she should move on and stop discussing her ex. The ongoing drama between Pritty and Stevo has kept many entertained, with each new revelation sparking fresh debates online.

Stevo Simple Boy, known for his hit song “Freshi Barida,” has remained mostly silent during the ongoing drama. He did, however, post a sad emoji surrounded by heartbreak emojis on Instagram, which fans speculated was in response to the rumors about his wife’s infidelity.

This saga highlights the complexities of managing public relationships and personal issues in the spotlight. As Pritty Vishy continues to share her perspective, it remains to be seen how Stevo Simple Boy and Grace Atieno will handle these challenges and whether they can overcome them together.

For now, Pritty’s latest post adds another layer to the unfolding drama, keeping fans eagerly anticipating the next twist in this real-life soap opera.