Muthee KIENGEI elevates rich side chick DAMA ,gives her a very senior role in his church,wife looked uncomfortable during announcement

Controversial Kikuyu pastor Benson Kiengei of Jesus Compassion Ministry (JCM) has assigned his alleged side chick Dama a senior role in his church.

Kiengei invited Dama, a prominent city businesswoman, to the pulpit on Sunday and unveiled her as the national church matron.

She will be in charge of all the JCM church branches in the country.

Kiengei’s wife looked a bit uncomfortable as he made the announcement.

Kiengei explained to his church members that Dama was given the role because of her financial muscles.

Dama and Kiengei are rumoured to be having an affair.

Word has it that they frequently meet for escapades at hotels along Thika Road.

Watch the video and reactions.