King Kalala ‘female Andrew Kibe’ admits to have “SMASHED” fellow lady (Video)

Female Andrew Kibe, King Kalala has raised eyebrows on her sexuality after admitting she has gotten intimate with both genders.

During their recent ‘Dirty Secrets Reveal part 3’ with colleague Natalie Githinji, she popped the question whether either of them had bedded a same sex, a female in other words.

Soon as the question went on air, the babe first walked away, chuckling in the background, a little embarrassed, sparking speculations that she had bedded both sexes, which she eventually admitted to and does not regret either of them.

The outspoken 20-year old went further to reveal that p*rn is not news to her and did not understand why people bashed it like that anyway.

Plus, she was not the kind to hide details about her ex to her new lover, telling it as it is on her first date because whether they like it or not, that was her past, it happened and they need to know.

King Kalala

“I must tell you how I got damaged, that I dated trash and they hurt me so bad,” she lashed out.

This episode comes after their previous one ‘part 2’ where the two shed light on little known details about the love lives.

Having just recently admitted during her interview on Shoe Game with Azziad that she has a weakness of cheating and probably why she is currently single but hinted that she would not mind to settle with either a guy or a chick, whoever comes her way.

Have a listen;