Sad Incident: Kisii Man Beats and Burns 20-Year-Old Lover and His Mother in a Violent Altercation

A tragic domestic dispute unfolded in Kisii County, resulting in 20-year-old Mercy Momanyi being hospitalized with burn injuries. This distressing incident occurred on August 22, 2023, at their residence in Mosocho, Kitutu Chache South.

Ms. Momanyi had been in a long-distance relationship with Mr. Sheldon Ombongi Okerosi for two years. Mr. Okerosi, who had recently returned to Kenya from the United States of America (USA), had made a stopover at their shared residence in Syokimau Estate, Nairobi County, before visiting his parents in Kisii County.

Reports indicate that Mr. Okerosi had been financially supporting Ms. Momanyi, covering rent and bills even after he left for the USA. However, what initially appeared as a loving relationship took a dark turn when Ms. Momanyi discovered suggestive text messages on Mr. Okerosi’s phone, suggesting his involvement with other women.

In an attempt to salvage their relationship, she confronted him about these messages, leading to a heated argument. This confrontation escalated, resulting in Mr. Okerosi becoming physically violent and causing injuries to Ms. Momanyi.

Fearing the consequences of his actions, he locked Ms. Momanyi inside their bedroom to prevent her from informing his mother, Ms. Peninah Atemba, about the incident. She remained locked in the room until 6 pm, when she managed to convince Mr. Okerosi to open the door, expressing forgiveness and a desire to continue their relationship.

However, when she began speaking to Ms. Atemba in the kitchen, Mr. Okerosi grew suspicious of what had transpired. In a fit of rage, he grabbed a pot of boiling water from the gas stove and poured it on Ms. Momanyi.

Ms. Momanyi recalls, “He was furious as he questioned my motives and why I had decided to go ahead and tell his mother what he had done. He then reached out for hot water which was boiling on the gas and poured it on me.” Her burns could have been more severe if not for Ms. Atemba, who was standing in front of her at the time.

Despite his violent actions, Mr. Okerosi continued his assault, repeatedly slamming Ms. Momanyi’s head against the floor. She recounted, “He was busy hitting my head on the floor, and as I wailed for help, his sisters rushed to the scene and started calling for help. That is when he let me go.”

Neighbors rushed both Ms. Momanyi and Ms. Atemba to Bosongo Hospital, where they were admitted for medical treatment. After the assault, Sheldon left the country, vacating their shared home in Syokimau, Nairobi County. A neighbor who interacted with him while he was moving out confirmed this.

Shockingly, the incident was not reported to the police until four days later when Ms. Momanyi’s sister filed a report at Mosocho Police Station. The case has been recorded under Occurrence Book (OB) number 9/27/8/2023. Throughout this time, the suspect remained missing and had not communicated with the victim.

Doctors at the hospital reported that Ms. Momanyi suffered burns covering 10 percent of her body, and her health is gradually improving. The family is now seeking financial assistance to cover the substantial medical bills and to pursue justice for the victim.

Mercy’s sister expressed, “We are happy that my sister is now getting better, and all I can say for now is that it will be better if she gets justice. The hospital bill is also very high, and we are seeking help to clear the bills.”