‘I Cannot Be Someone’s Girlfriend’ Jalang’o Reveals He Was Crushed On By gay Men Over The Weekend

‘I Cannot Be Someone’s Girlfriend’ Jalang’o Reveals He Was Crushed On By gay Men Over The Weekend

Celebrated media personality Jalang’o has fired a warning to men crushing on him revealing that he was approached by two men over the weekend.

The Morning Kiss host narrated the two incidents that left him traumatized

In the first incident, he was approached by a man, at the urinal, who attempted to make body contact with him

One accosted me at the urinal, I’m traumatized. I’m washing my hands then this one stretches his hand over me and I didn’t know what was happening so I told him once I’m done you’ll wash your hands. he narrated

In another incident that happened on Sunday, a man shoved over his feet under the table they were sitting at before he told him off.

Then this other one we are seated and he’s stepping on my feet chini ya Meza. Anaingiza miguu yake and I’m like ‘I will kill you’

While maintaining that he supports the LGBTQ community, the father of three maintained that he was not ready to hook up with any man.

Please please it is good to be bold but don’t be bold with me I am not interested. I cannot be someone’s girlfriend.

The same-sex relationship remains illegal in Kenya despite the fattening size of the LGBTQ community in the country.

In May 2019, the High Court upheld the colonial-era laws that criminalize gay sex, killing the hopes of activists who had hoped the court would overturn sections of the penal code as unconstitutional.

It further negated a Court of Appeal’s ruling the previous year that undertaking forced anal examinations on suspects of homosexuality breached the laws on cruel treatment

According to a three-bench judge ruling, the laws did not target the LGBTQ community

We are not persuaded by the petitioners that the offenses against them are overboard read part of the ruling

The anti-gay laws were inflicted by the British colonial administration and remained part of the Kenyan law since independence.

African countries like Mozambique, Angola, and Seychelles have however changed their penal codes to stop the criminalization of homosexuals.