The Rise And Rise Of Mugithi's Samidoh, From Dropping Out Of School In Class 7 To Ksh300 Salary To A Multimillionaire -

The Rise And Rise Of Mugithi’s Samidoh, From Dropping Out Of School In Class 7 To Ksh300 Salary To A Multimillionaire

Samuel Muchoki Ndirangu, also known as Samidoh, is a successful musician who overcame poverty and tragedy to become a multimillionaire. His story is one of perseverance and a deep-seated drive to succeed, born out of the struggles he faced as a child.

Born in Subukia, Nakuru county in 1990, Samidoh grew up in a peasant family. His father passed away, leaving his mother to raise five boys as a single parent. After his father’s death, Samidoh’s extended family kicked them out of their property, forcing his mother to buy land in Oljororok with pension money.

Samidoh was forced to drop out of school in class seven and became a herder to help support the family, earning a meager Ksh300 per month. His mother’s friend took him in and enrolled him in Kieni primary school, where he completed his primary education. Unfortunately, he lost his mother while in form one, but his benefactor paid his school fees, allowing him to complete his secondary education.

After high school, Samidoh joined his brother, who was a drummer for a popular Kikuyu musician. He later pursued business information technology at Kenya Polytechnic University and joined the Kenya National Police Service.

Samidoh’s music career started while he was in the police service, and he gained recognition after releasing “We Do Wi Cama,” which was the first HD video by a Kikuyu benga artist. The song received widespread airplay and opened up opportunities for him to perform in countries like Qatar, Dubai, and the UK.

Samidoh is currently at the height of his music career, having performed globally, including for President Uhuru Kenyatta during the Jubilee Party NDC. He is also among the highest-earning musicians in Kenya, thanks to revenue from his music career and endorsements. Samidoh’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and hard work.