Celestine Ndinda Complains As Njugush Turns Their Multimillion Shilling Ruiru Home Into Animal Farm

In her online video titled ‘My Life with a “Shamba Boy”,’ Celestine Ndinda expresses her concerns about her husband, Njugush, gradually steering her towards a rural lifestyle, despite her strong reservations. The couple has erected a magnificent residence in the serene town of Ruiru. However, Celestine is apprehensive about Njugush’s recent inclination to introduce animals into their homestead, fearing that it might diminish the idyllic ambiance they’ve cultivated.

During her video presentation, Celestine humorously remarks, “Allow me to unveil my life with a man from the countryside. There seems to be an unintentional zoo here in Ruiru. I wonder if the Kenya Wildlife Service is aware of this. When I was entering into matrimony, I had no inkling that he possessed such a strong penchant for farming.”

Celestine candidly communicates her exhaustion with the added responsibilities of tending to an expanding menagerie of animals, including chickens and dogs. Her unease deepens with the thought that Njugush might venture into livestock farming, potentially obliging her to milk cows and goats in the near future.

In response to Celestine’s concerns, Njugush teasingly retorts, “I’ve heard you say that I brought you to the rural life, so please, let’s not bicker.”

Njugush, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, made astute investments in real estate during the pinnacle of his success. He acquired land in Ruiru, situated in Kiambu County, where he constructed an opulent mansion to provide his family with a comfortable and beautiful abode.