African man brings his old mzungu wife home – His parents welcome her with open arms! Age is just a number

An African man who is in a relationship with an older Mzungu woman brought her home to meet his parents for the first time.

He took to his Tiktok account and shared a video of his parents giving her a warm reception despite their huge age gap.

His mother was amazed by the mzungu’s looks as she rubbed her hair.

His father also happily greeted the woman and hugged her.

They wined and dined together after welcoming her.

The video has sparked a lot of reactions on Tiktok, with many Tiktokers making fun of the young man.

Some accused the young man of falling in love with the woman because of money and soft life.

“Poverty has really dealt with us, when your parents accept someone way older than them without remorse. I weep for us all,’’ commented one of the Tiktokers.

“May we never marry our mother age mate in search of greener pastures,’’ wrote another Tiktoker.