Mulamwah: ‘Mimi pesa niko nayo, Mimi ni Millionaire’, I Own 27 Motorbikes and Over 12 Sources Of Income.

Mulamwah, a prominent figure in Kenya’s entertainment scene, has carved a niche for himself as one of the smartest celebrities and content creators in the country. His intelligence has played a pivotal role in propelling him to millionaire status at a remarkably young age. In a candid sit-down video with his fiancée, Mulamwah shared insights into his financial journey, revealing a strategic approach that has contributed to his success.

Notably, Mulamwah emphasized the importance of reinvesting his earnings when he began making money both as a nurse and from content creation. Instead of indulging in extravagant living, he made the deliberate choice to reside in a more affordable dwelling. One of his earliest investment decisions involved purchasing motorcycles. He recounted reaching a milestone where he acquired three motorcycles in a single day, marking the beginning of a lucrative venture.

As of 2024, Mulamwah proudly disclosed that he owns a fleet of 27 motorbikes. Illustrating the potential income generated, he estimated that each motorbike could bring in Ksh.500 daily, resulting in an impressive daily total of Ksh.13,500. This impressive portfolio contributes to his millionaire status, with Mulamwah attributing his financial success to maintaining over 12 diverse sources of income.

Among Mulamwah’s varied income streams are radio engagements, YouTube content creation, advertisement deals, Skiza tune, and, notably, his motorbike fleet. Additionally, he alluded to undisclosed investments contributing to his financial stability. Remarkably, Mulamwah asserted that he could go for extended periods, even up to three months, without tapping into the income generated by his motorbikes. This financial discipline aligns with his commitment to ongoing investments and a steadfast dedication to maintaining and growing his wealth in the future.