Eric Omondi: Kamene Goro Ako na Uji Kwa Akili,ametumia Bangi Sana

The ongoing feud between Eric Omondi and Kamene Goro has escalated to a deeply personal level. Their exchanges on social media have become increasingly acrimonious, fueled by their irreconcilable differences, particularly concerning Kenyan music. Resorting to the use of abusive language, they seem unable to find common ground.

In a recent interview with online media, Eric Omondi took another swipe at Kamene Goro, labeling her as someone lacking in foresight and creativity. According to Omondi, Kamene is contributing to the stagnation of Kenyan music due to her narrow-minded perspective. He criticized her and other celebrities for hindering the progress of the music industry through their limited thinking.

Omondi emphasized the need for presenters like Kamene to support and encourage musicians to explore international opportunities. He accused her of perpetuating mediocrity and dismissed her as a fool for doing so. In a stern warning, Omondi cautioned Kamene against launching any further attacks on him, asserting that he would retaliate fiercely.

Expanding his critique, Eric Omondi also took aim at Kiss 100, alleging that the radio station seldom promotes Kenyan music. The self-proclaimed comedian expressed his dissatisfaction with the apparent lack of support for local artists, further intensifying his criticism of the industry.

Not stopping there, Omondi extended his criticisms to other notable figures in the Kenyan music scene, including Khaligraph Jones, Nadia Mukami, Otile Brown, and Bien. He urged them to seek international opportunities, advising them to move beyond local shows that offer meager pay. Omondi seems determined to stir up a shift in the mindset of Kenyan artists, pushing them towards a more globally-oriented approach to their careers.