School Girls and Boys Who Turned Rental House Into Sex Den Arrested, they were Caught During Holiday

Locals in Homabay county are still recovering from shock after four pupils were arrested days after turning a rental house into a lodging where they could invite random girls in schools and sleep with them as a way of making fun.

The behaviour in Koduogo trading centre located Central Kanyabal sub-location in Kanyabsla location reached an alarming level, this forced other tenants to raise concerns over the increase of immorality among the school young children who turned a rental house into a llave to satisfy their mandibles.

During the just completed September holidays where schools were closed for one week to pave way for another term, the boy in charge of the house is said to have invited several girls. The house is owned by a bodaboda rider who leaves early in the morning and comes late in the evening, during holidays, his younger brother uses the house for entertainment, and it is at this point that he invites his friends with their girlfriends.

Due to the high-pitched music that play in the house, neighbours felt like they couldn’t hold it anymore, they reported the matter to the relevant authorities who did not wait to swing inaction. Two boys from a local secondary school were found together with their primary school girlfriends. They were arrested and detained.