Guardian Angel 32yrs Reveals He Was Mistreated in Church for Marrying an 55yr Older Woman

Kenyan gospel artist Guardian Angel recently opened up about the hardships he faced following his marriage to Esther Musical, particularly how certain churches treated him differently due to his union with an older woman. Speaking at the launch of his new record label, “7 Heaven Music,” Guardian Angel shared a poignant account of a troubling incident in a church that left him feeling mistreated and judged.

Guardian Angel recounted a church performance where he faced discrimination and resistance. Upon his arrival, the pastor informed him that elders had instructed him not to sing or even step onto the church altar. After a lengthy debate, the pastor reluctantly allowed Guardian Angel to sing. However, as he began performing, the pastor’s anger flared, and he attempted to take away the microphone. It was only through the intervention of the pastor’s wife that the situation was defused.

Despite his performance, the pastor refused to acknowledge the song, leaving Guardian Angel with a sense of rejection and resentment towards the church. He began questioning whether marrying his wife made him undeserving of singing for God in a church setting. Frustrated and disheartened, he decided it would be his last visit to a church, expressing his disillusionment with church matters. He resolved to pray privately in his bedroom, while his wife continued attending her church.

Guardian Angel’s life took a significant turn when he crossed paths with Pastor Ababu, who later became his spiritual mentor. Pastor Ababu offered his unwavering support and guidance, even in the face of widespread criticism and opposition. He reassured Guardian Angel that he would stand by him until he could have a proper wedding with Esther Musical and find peace. Despite the numerous challenges and adversaries, Pastor Ababu welcomed Guardian Angel into his church, leading to the gospel artist’s return to church and his rekindled devotion to singing for God.

In conclusion, Guardian Angel’s experience sheds light on the challenges he faced within the church community due to his unconventional marriage and the pivotal role played by Pastor Ababu in helping him find acceptance and spiritual growth.