Meet the Pastor who wears Women High Heels. He claims God instructed Him…

The unconventional choice of a Togolese pastor to step onto the pulpit wearing stylish heels has stirred up a social media frenzy. Initially perceived as a joke by netizens, the buzz intensified as numerous photos of the pastor donning high heels during his sermons circulated online. According to reports from the Zambian Observer, the pastor explained that his decision to wear heels was a response to answered prayers.

Claiming to have received divine instructions, the now-dubbed ‘high heels pastor’ asserted that God directed him to make the switch to alleviate severe body aches that plagued him when he wore conventional men’s shoes. Local media further reported that since adhering to this divine guidance, the pastor experienced relief from his physical ailments.

In an attempt to clarify misconceptions, the pastor addressed rumors circulating on social media in an interview with Pulse Nigeria. Contrary to speculation, he affirmed that he does not wear women’s clothes but clarified that he embraces a variety of shoes as part of his divine calling.

The pastor’s unique choice of attire places him among a growing list of controversial religious figures who have captured public attention due to unconventional practices, adding another layer to the ongoing discourse on the intersection of faith, identity, and societal expectations.