Dem Wa Facebook Goes After Brian Chira Over His Remarks On Mulamwah

Dem wa Facebook, a popular comedian, actor, and member of the same tribe as Mulamwah, expressed her dissatisfaction with Brian Chira’s comments regarding Mulamwah.

Chira recently claimed to be in love with Mulamwah but was disappointed when Mulamwah refused to take a selfie with him. In an interview with Trudy Kitui, Dem wa Facebook clarified that Chira had misunderstood the situation.

“Brian crossed the line by suggesting that Mulamwah is not special. Comparing Brian Chira to Mulamwah is like comparing a kitten to an elephant,” she stated.

According to Dem wa Facebook, Chira was attempting to leverage Mulamwah’s fame for negative purposes. She also insinuated that associating with Chira could influence Mulamwah to embrace a different sexual orientation.

The content creator went on to express her willingness to help Chira become more attracted to women by offering herself as a potential partner.

“Chira, if men have rejected you, I am ready to come with my own transportation fare and spend a friendly week with you. We can spend time together from morning till evening, and let’s see if you won’t change your preferences. Rosescoco is incredible, unlike the other options. You haven’t encountered a gym-going man yet. If someone who wants to date Chira leans in this way, take the chance and forget about being gay. Us women can’t remain single while another man pursues his male counterparts,” she declared.

Additionally, Dem wa Facebook cautioned Brian Chira against linking any member of the Luhya community to the LGBTQ+ community.

“If you want to deal with your own gay tendencies, go ahead, but don’t involve the Luhya people. We Luhya people love nature because we understand its healing properties. Everyone was texting me, questioning why Brian had thought about me… It’s because they see Mulamwah and me together, and they notice when he provokes Mulamwah,” Dem wa Facebook asserted.