woman pictured pulling a loaded 'Mkokoteni' gets help from well-wishers
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Nairobi woman spotted pulling ‘Mkokoteni’ gets help from well-wishers

Nairobi woman who was trending pushing a mkokoteni a week ago has been traced and well wishers have visited her.

Humanitarian Wanja Mwaura highlighted the story of the lady known as Everlyn Ndinyuka last week in which she asked her online followers to help in finding the said woman seen carrying jerrycans of water with a mkokoteni.

She has managed to trace the female and on Monday this week, she visited her alongside well-wishers.

On facebook, Wanja stated Ndinyuka lives in a single room with five children.

Two of them are her late sister’s kids, and one is her nephew

She stated that pulling the handcart has taken a toll on Ndinyuka’s body and has weakened her body. “As a result, she has extreme pain in her legs.

It isn’t always her wish to be pulling this cart, however situations pressured her to do this. She would love to stop pulling this cart given a choice” Wanja wrote.

“Let us make her life easier n better for the sake of those children who are depending on her.”

The well-wishers managed to pay three months’ rent for her and donated food to the lady.