Meet Maasai Preacher, Gospel Singer Nehemia Lenoi Kilanka

Rev John Mpidaki, the lead pastor at Pefa Church in Kumpa, spoke to The Nairobian about the challenges of being a Maasai reverend and gospel singer. Growing up in a single-parent home, Mpidaki experienced poverty and hunger at a young age, which motivated him to start a feeding foundation called Mepukori Self-Help Group in 2019.

Mpidaki attributes his fluency in Swahili and English to his education in a cosmopolitan institution and his experience singing at a young age. He also shared the challenges he faced in the music industry, including lack of recognition and resources.

Despite these challenges, Mpidaki remains passionate about philanthropy and his goal is to reach millions and inspire hope through his foundation. He has learned that when you share what you have with others, God will provide more, and he has experienced this firsthand in his own life.

Mpidaki’s most memorable charity event was when he and his friends were on the way to visit a family in need, and they found that the family had prepared a meal for them in return for their visit. This small act of kindness touched Mpidaki and reminded him of the importance of giving and the impact it can have on others.