“Bora sijauzia babako,” Eve Mungai fires back at a fan -

“Bora sijauzia babako,” Eve Mungai fires back at a fan

Eve Mungai, a renowned Kenyan content creator, is no stranger to facing online trolls from social media users. Despite her immense popularity and large following on various social media platforms, she often encounters backlash from a certain segment of her audience.

In the early stages of her career, Mungai admitted that she would feel disheartened and even shed tears when subjected to cyberbullying. Being unaccustomed to such negativity, she found it challenging to cope and almost considered giving up. However, as time went on, she gradually became accustomed to dealing with trolls and developed a thicker skin. She now refuses to grant her critics any power over her and has mastered the art of effectively responding to those who spew hateful comments.

In a recent incident, Mungai confidently confronted a fan who questioned her choice of attire. During a performance by Tanzanian singer Harmonize in Embu, Mungai wore a stunning yet relatively short dress that accentuated her attractive legs. She even shared a video of herself on her official TikTok page. Despite her looking elegant, one of her fans decided to criticize her outfit, going as far as labeling her a prostitute.

The comment did not sit well with the content creator, understandably so. Filled with anger, Mungai promptly fired back at the critic, asserting that she has never resorted to selling her services to the critic’s father. She retaliated fiercely, stating, “Bora sijauzia babako.”

It is evident that Mungai has grown resilient in the face of online criticism. She refuses to let trolls dampen her spirit or dictate her choices, demonstrating her ability to assert herself confidently and stand up for herself when necessary.