Dem wa Facebook: Niko Ready Kupea Brian Chira Hii Kitu For 1 Week Ndio Ajue Utamu wa Rosecoco Aache kupenda ‘Mathutha’

Brian Chira has recently gained significant attention in Kenya, emerging as a trending topic due to his controversial TikTok content. Notably, his actions caught the eye of Dem Wa Facebook, a prominent comedian known for his direct and humorous approach, particularly in tackling sensitive subjects. In this case, Dem Wa Facebook decided to address Brian Chira’s behavior, specifically regarding his best friend and mentor, Mulamwah.

Dem Wa Facebook expressed his concerns about Brian Chira’s involvement in the LGBTQ community, suggesting that it seemed as though Chira’s emotions were leading him towards same-sex relationships. He emphasized that such behavior is not traditionally accepted within the Luhya community, which he, as Dem Wa Facebook, is a part of. To address this issue, Dem Wa Facebook made an unconventional proposal: he offered to engage in an intimate relationship with Brian Chira for one week, providing him with a firsthand experience of heterosexual intimacy, all at no cost. He believed that this experience would help Brian Chira appreciate the pleasures of heterosexual relationships and potentially redirect his affections away from men.

Dem Wa Facebook’s frustration with Brian Chira extended beyond the issue of sexual orientation. He criticized Chira for his use of vulgar language and unfiltered comments towards respected celebrities. Furthermore, Dem Wa Facebook expressed his disapproval of the LGBTQ community and cautioned individuals like Chira against using social media platforms to promote it within the country.