CassyPool: Diamond Platnumz Si Mdosi, hawezi Afford Nyumba Karen ni Uchawi inamsaidia tuu.

In Kenya, there is a rising celebrity critic named CassyPool, who has recently directed his criticism towards Tanzanian singer and CEO of Wasafi Media, Diamond Platnumz.

CassyPool, known for comparing Diamond Platnumz with Kenyan celebrities, decided to delve deeper into Diamond’s wealth and made accusations of him using witchcraft.

During an interview with Plug Media, CassyPool claimed that Diamond Platnumz is actually quite poor and that he relies on witchcraft to maintain his relevance. He alleged that the singer does not own the luxurious mansion he often showcases online, but instead rents it.

Furthermore, CassyPool argued that Diamond Platnumz would not be able to afford a house in prestigious Kenyan neighborhoods like Karen or Runda due to the lower value of Tanzanian currency compared to the Kenyan currency.

Additionally, CassyPool insisted that Diamond Platnumz is not the rightful owner of Wasafi. According to him, the true owner of Wasafi is a Tanzanian tycoon who also happens to own Clouds Media.

Expanding on his claims, CassyPool suggested that Diamond’s perceived wealth is solely attributed to his involvement in witchcraft. He stated that the singer employs witchcraft to maintain his position in the industry and even claimed that Diamond admitted his superiority in witchcraft to Harmonize.

To conclude, CassyPool expressed his belief that the Tanzanian music industry heavily relies on witchcraft, implying that it cannot be compared to the Kenyan music industry, which he perceives as having pure talent.