Meet Woman who Eats 4 Toilet Paper Rolls Daily Because It Tastes Good” Ni kama Nyama Fry”

Introducing Kinah, an individual whose peculiar addiction has captured widespread attention. In a candid video featured on TLC’s My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted?, Kinah openly admitted to having an unusual fondness for consuming toilet paper. Astonishingly, she consumes up to four rolls daily, resulting in an annual expenditure of approximately ksh270k on this unique habit.

Over the past two decades, Kinah has ingested around 14,000 lbs of toilet paper, a fact made even more remarkable by the diverse locations where she indulges in her bizarre snack – from the comfort of her home to unconventional places like her workplace, car, and even the nail salon.

Despite the perplexed glances and occasional attempts by onlookers to document her actions, Kinah remains impervious to criticism. Her ex-fiancé, Anthony, disapproves of her habit, emphasizing that toilet paper is not designed for human consumption and does not break down in the body.

Nevertheless, Kinah remains undaunted, asserting that the taste and texture of the paper elicit a satisfying response from her taste buds. A sneak peek into the documentary reveals scenes of Kinah munching on toilet paper at a nail salon, leaving the shop owner, Flora, bewildered and questioning the rationale behind her behavior. Flora openly wonders why Kinah consistently places toilet paper in her mouth without even drinking water.

Kinah’s narrative serves as a window into the intricate nature of addiction and its profound impact on an individual’s life. While her habit may appear eccentric to many, it underscores the idea that addiction can manifest in diverse ways, affecting individuals in unique and unexpected ways.