Why late Kenya’s Chief of the Defence Forces  Francis Ogolla’s Son Joel Rabuku is trending

Joel Rabuku Ogolla has surged into the spotlight across social media platforms. He is the surviving son of the late Chief of the Defence Forces (CDF), General Francis Ogolla.

Until recently, Rabuku was known solely by his name. However, everything changed when he, accompanied by his family members, welcomed President William Ruto and the First Lady Mama Rachel Ruto to their Nairobi home on Friday. This marked the beginning of his widespread recognition on various social media platforms.

Rabuku’s emergence at the forefront of social media discussions occurred just a day after his father’s burial at their ancestral home in Ng’iya, Siaya. His sudden rise to prominence begs the question: what exactly has captured the public’s attention and propelled him to the top of the trending lists?

In the days leading up to General Ogolla’s burial, Joel exhibited remarkable strength and composure within the family, despite the profound loss they were experiencing. He played a pivotal role as the family’s coordinator in the funeral arrangements, which were being coordinated by the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

During the funeral service on Sunday, Joel addressed mourners and dispelled rumors regarding his father’s relationship with President Ruto. Contrary to speculation, he emphasized the cordial nature of their association, stating that they were friends who often held discussions at State House. Joel’s testimony shed light on the close rapport between his father and the President, highlighting their collaborative efforts in safeguarding the nation.

In addition to addressing misconceptions about his father’s relationships, Joel vehemently condemned insensitive posts on social media, particularly regarding the circumstances surrounding his father’s tragic demise in a helicopter crash. He urged bloggers to exercise sensitivity and refrain from sensationalizing the incident, emphasizing the need for respectful reporting.

However, amidst the outpouring of support for Joel, there were also voices of criticism. Some individuals accused him of politicizing his father’s death or seeking attention, while others questioned his motives and actions.

Despite the mixed reactions, Joel Ogolla’s public presence has left an indelible mark on social media discourse. His steadfastness in the face of adversity and his commitment to honoring his father’s legacy have earned him both admiration and scrutiny from various quarters.

General Ogolla was laid to rest in Siaya on Sunday, with President Ruto leading the funeral proceedings. The event served as a poignant reminder of the profound impact General Ogolla had on his community and the nation at large.