JohnThe Baptist From Bungoma: Mimi Sikubatiza Yesu Wa Tongaren Na Simjui, Hio Ni Uongo.

Ronald Wanyama an 82 years old man from Bungoma caused stir online few months ago after he revealed to the public that he is the real John the Baptist

Ronald said that he is the one where baptised Jesus Christ and he has been ordained by God to prepare way for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Unlike the real John the Baptist in the bible, Ronald Wanyama is a married man and he has 46  wives though four of them passed away, so currently he has 42 wives and 289 children. His youngest wife is 23 years old .

Wanyama has already written his own bible with 96 books, and he claims that it is the bible that people are supposed to read. He has also written his own constitution, and urged the government to adopt it because it is inspired by God.

Wanyama also claims that he has the power to heal any type of disease. Neighbours admitted that it is true Wanyama has divine power to heal , they said that he has healed alot of mad men and people with different complications.

He has his own church and residents of Kantui have been flocking his home to be blessed and also be healed.

Bungoma now has Jesus Christ  referred to as ‘Mwalimu Yesu’ and also John the Baptist. Indeed It must be a blessed county.