“M*vi ya segere”- Dj Afro Calls Kameme TV’s DJ Junior The Hindi An Imposter.

Popular Movie DJ, Afro Amigos has picked war with Kameme TV’s, Dj Junior The Hindi after using his signature voice in his commentary.

Dj Afro is known for his crazy talks in movie commentary, a move that has seen him get recognized all over Kenya by Movie lovers.

He came in to the limelight close to 16 years ago and has maintained his relevance with time.

Not much is known of his family life but his entertaining voice keeps fans glued to the screen to the end of the movie.

He has been celebrated as among the pioneers of vernacular movie commentary and his name has spread all over to Russia.

However, with the fame comes imposters like Kameme TV movie commentary Dj junior who you can confuse for Dj Afro.

He started by calling himself Dj Afro Junior and after banging a contract with Kameme TV reblanded himself to Junior.

Afro in a social media post said that Junior has never been his friend and he is just but another imposter.

Waah, it’s not easy to be a successful artist in Kenya, with Ober one hundred fake dj Afro Facebook and YouTube accounts are pluus over 10 imposters, am left to wonder, what a hell is goung on kimonda”

He said.

Junior has however maintained silence on the claims that he is imposing Afro.

Afro is currently a resident Dj at Mzalendo TV.

Where the beef will take us only time will tell.

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