“It Has Hurt Me”: Willy M Tuva Reacts to Allegations of Conning Upcoming Artiste Ksh 500K

Radio Citizen presenter Mzazi Willy M Tuva has responded to the widespread accusations suggesting that he defrauded an emerging artist of Ksh 500,000 through Darasa.

In an exclusive interview with a YouTuber, Willy M Tuva addressed the claims, firmly denying any wrongdoing. He stated that he never swindled the aspiring artist out of any money, contrary to the artist’s assertions.

According to Willy M Tuva, the Kenyan artist, based in the US, approached him seeking a collaboration with singer Darasa. He clarified that he facilitated the connection between the two artists without charge, as the aspiring artist lacked the funds for a collaboration fee that Darasa might have required.

“This artist, considering his circumstances, couldn’t afford the amount Darasa might have asked for. I don’t recall if it was five hundred thousand or any other figure, but I requested Darasa to reduce it,” Willy M Tuva explained.

The respected journalist further expressed his willingness to support young talents out of a genuine passion for nurturing them. However, he expressed disappointment at the unfounded accusations leveled against him.

“I was trying to assist this young person, but I’ve never defrauded anyone. God is my witness. I would never deceive anyone. I have a well-paying job, thanks to God. I’m involved in various activities that generate income. I haven’t cheated any artist, and I never will. Let him seek fame, but not at the expense of tarnishing someone else’s reputation,” he emphasized.

In light of the viral allegations, Willy M Tuva admitted feeling unsettled by the situation, as it tarnished his reputation as a respected journalist across East Africa.

“It’s disheartening that sometimes when you extend a helping hand, the person repays you with ingratitude. I’ve built my brand over many years in East Africa. Every market has its challenges, but this has affected me, though it’s part of having a brand. Once you have a name, you’ll inevitably face criticism. It has hurt me, but I’ve moved on,” he disclosed.

Willy M Tuva and Darasa advised the artist to refrain from spreading false information publicly. They clarified that although Darasa agreed to the collaboration, the artist failed to meet expectations by not delivering as promised.

“The artist didn’t have the money. He couldn’t afford to pay me for the collaboration. He sought help, and when I recorded the song and sent it to him, he failed to deliver. He couldn’t perform,” Darasa added.