Musician Willy Paul: I could be dead by now if I continued singing gospel music

Willy Paul, the renowned Kenyan artist behind the chart-topping album “Beyond Gifted,” has recently opened up about his departure from the gospel music scene, shedding light on the hurdles and pressures that prompted his shift to secular music.

In an exclusive interview with a local radio station, Willy Paul, fondly referred to as Pozee, candidly discussed the turbulent period leading up to his exit from gospel music. He revealed feeling marginalized and unwelcomed within the gospel industry, citing undisclosed incidents that compelled him to reconsider his musical trajectory.

“Various things unfolded; sometimes you reach a point where staying in a particular place feels perilous. In such instances, it’s imperative to extricate oneself from such environments. Numerous occurrences took place during my time in gospel. I refrain from casting blame, but those involved are aware,” confessed Pozee.

The hitmaker of ‘Kitanzi’ didn’t evade addressing the purported tension he encountered, acknowledging that remaining entrenched in the gospel scene could have had dire repercussions on his mental well-being.

He disclosed that the immense stress he grappled with led him to contemplate extreme measures such as suicide or descent into madness.

Despite the adversities he faced, Willy Paul expressed no remorse regarding his transition to secular music, affirming his resolve to forge ahead and pursue his artistic vision.

“Those I associated with are cognizant of their actions, but I opted not to delve into it. Nonetheless, I had to propel myself forward, and I harbor no regrets about my choices; thus, I harbor no regrets about my current position,” he asserted.

Reflecting on his journey, Willy Paul underscored the significance of prioritizing his mental well-being and artistic autonomy. He underscored the toxic dynamics prevalent in certain spheres of the gospel music industry and stressed the importance of individuals prioritizing their welfare over societal norms.